How to get the best credit cards for good credit?

Have you been able to maintain a good credit score of late?
Kudos! A big door of opportunities is ready to open for you then if you are considering to apply for a credit card. As you will find out soon, financial institutions will be ‘queuing up’ to provide you with their best credit cards options and you will be flooded with lucrative offers from all quarters.

Why on earth, are you pampered by all these companies, all of a sudden?
This is for the simple reason that lenders feel secure and comfortable to deal with you as, with your good credit standing, you have maintained a certain degree of creditworthiness over a considerable period of time. As you are deemed to possess a low or zero risks of default, you have earned an indefeasible right to receive reward programs, promotional offers, and comparatively lower interest rates.  Credit card companies will woo you with different schemes/rewards and you will be left to ponder over lucrative offers to choose from.

Don’t bother! We are here to make your task easier.
Let's take a ride with us and have a look at some credit cards for good credit options and understand the benefits provided by each of them-

How to get the best credit cards for good credit?

1. Cash Back Credit Cards

The cash back credit cards reward you with a rebate that is equal to a certain percentage of the purchases made by you. For example, some of the cash back credit cards can offer you cash back of 5 % when you make purchases at a gas station, supermarket or a drug store with these credit cards. As you continue to make purchases at these places, you add up your rebates and you can cash them in upon reaching a pre-specified limit. Let us assume you spend an average of $200 every week on food, gas and pharmacy purchases. Therefore, you can cash in $520 in the form of rebates after the end of the year ($200 per weekx52 week=$10,400x 5% cash back rewards=$520).

2. Credit Cards with reward points

Some of the best credit cards available offer reward points and reward programs instead of cash backs. You earn reward points against each of your purchases and you can pile up reward points as you go on making purchases with these credit cards. After you have been able to earn a specific number of reward points, you can redeem these points against gift cards, free merchandise, magazine subscriptions and so on.

3. Frequent flier/Airline mile rewards

If you are a frequent flier/traveler, you may use these credit cards and pay less for your travels. When you pay for your air tickets using these reward cards, points are given against the miles for your air travel. Once you accumulate a specific number of points, you are eligible to receive discounts on your fare and travel accommodations as well. Some credit cards in this category may even provide you with free trips, can give you privileged status with chosen airlines/hotels and can offer exclusive travel perks.
Afinoz can recommend suitable credit cards in this category when you make your business or pleasure trips next time. We will provide you with easy upgrade facilities based on your usage and you will continue to receive added benefits/perks.

4. Gas Cards

Some of the best credit cards acknowledge the fact that consumers are usually conscious and sensitive to the fluctuation/increase of gas price. They have devised credit cards for good credit that reward a card user for every purchase made by them by using these credit cards. You go on earning points as you continue to make your purchases and on accumulating a specific number of points, you become eligible to redeem them against prepaid gas cards.
There are other types of credit cards for good credit also available where you can earn points while making your gas purchases.

5. 0 % APR Credit Cards

With this type of credit card for good credit, you do not have to incur any interest or finance charges for purchases made during a specified promotional or introductory period. Such a period usually varies from the initial 6 to 12 months. Some of the best credit cards available in the market even provide introductory interest-free periods of as many as 21 months.
You may use this period to transfer the balance from your existing high-interest credit card and then choose to pay it off inside the promotional period. This way, you can consolidate your debt, without paying any interest. However, you need to make timely payments on these credit cards for good credit. When any one of your credit card payments gets past the due date, the 0% APR will be adjusted to a higher credit card interest rate.

Things to look for while applying for a credit card for good credit

Now that you have managed to achieve a good credit standing, you should only be considering the most competitive credit cards available. If you intend to pay the card balances every month in full and in time (to avoid interest charges), apply for credit cards with the best reward schemes, benefits, and the best sign-up bonuses. You may also look for the one with the minimum annual fee or nay even bargain to have a waiver of the annual fee.